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Here you will find testimonials from a few clients that we have served throughout the years.  You will also find reviews on the internet at various sites.  Some reviews will be negataive.  I have found negative reviews about my firm that were posted by people who were not my clients.  I have mostly very happy clients.  However, I understand that dealing with a legal problem is stressful and not everyone will be happy with their results.  I have been in practice for twenty nine years in a small town and have served thousand of clients.  I believe my reputation for being friendly, having a caring staff, honesty, fair dealing and providing legal services at a very reasonable rate, is well known thoughout the community.




"First thing was the day I walked into the office I was scared to death... but after I walked out I was not only satisfied but I felt like I had made a new friend for business someone I could trust he could have taken me for money and told me I didn't need him... who does that these days?? HE DOES. If you are looking for a real honest lawyer I totally recommend Mr. Eckert... very knowledgeable, very open with communication on all levels you can understand but he is straight to the point if he can't help you he will guide you or referral you to someone he recommends. Thank you Mr;. Eckert for being who you are... through the years we seem to have lost this time of engagement of a real dollar and real honesty. Thanks for being in our hometown!"

-Tammy C.


"I just wanted to thank you again for the advice and help on my summons for foreclosure. I was impressed with the time you spent showing us how to handle the paperwork. We are very grateful for your help."

-Debbie & Tom N.


"Just want to thank you for being such a nice person throughout this process. Your kindness is much appreciated. I'll be in touch soon."

-Amy T.


"A couple of years ago he handled my bankruptcy and he was great. He handled everything, I didn't have to lift a finger. He was refered to me by a friend. I went in, gave him my information, paid my fee and the next thing I knew it was over. He was very nice and answered all of my questions. I highly recomend him."


"In the late 90's when we had gotten ourselves in a hole we couldn't get out of you guided us through the whole bankruptcy process and put on on the right track.  It has been almost twenty years of watching our pennies and staying on the path of financial responsibility but I think it's fair to say we have arrived.  After all is said and done we could not have done this without your help."

-J. & B.



"Very impressed with his honest attitude. Great personality and extremely helpful directing me to someone who could handle my case even though he couldn't. Loved the experience."

-Helen M.



"Very knowledgeable, tells you the way it is. He gets it done. I love it. His fees are very reasonable, for the working people. One more thing, Mr. Eckert and his staff are very pleasant. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!"

-Donna J.



"Stacy Eckert and staff are friendly, knowledgeable, understanding and kind. They are with you every step of the way and always have time for you - highly recommended! He was even there for us 5 years after BK closed when we had questions when we were refinancing - can't say enough GREAT things about this attorney! I wouldn't choose or recommend another for such a difficult time - and we did go into another local office and walked out - I'm so glad we found Stacy Eckert!

-Lori B.



"This law office is an excellent group of paralegals and attorneys who actually care about you as a client over a pay check.  I was guided through the issues they confidently told me they could fix, and even after it was resolved and there was some minor issues following up, they didn’t ask me to pay them more money, they dealt with the issues and explained they’d be here for me until the issue is gone/resolved."


I’ll recommend this office every time I hear someone needs an experienced lawyer.









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